Alexandre’s Love Oracle

20141231_055310The number One question in my private practice had always been ” What can you tell me about my love life, what will happen, will I find love?” Ive been looking for a precise and accurate tool that will help me quickly and easily reply to love questions.  I tries many without success, there was something missing, so I decided to create

I introduced these cards in my sessions,my clients were blown away at how easy I could describe their love life and bring them clear guidance and advice.  Then the second number one question arrose “How do you know?” and my reply is “its in my cards and everybody can use them.”

Alexandre’s Love Oracle is a modern up to date divination deck that easily replies our modern life questions and issues regarding our love life. The oracle is composed of 22 beautiful cards that are read both upright (ally) and reversed (challenger). Its a user friendly type of deck that will instantly give you answers and guidance.

22 poker size cards , comes in a tuck box with meaning.


Heres a video on how you can use these cards

25 euros + 8,50 euros shipping


Cool Text International orders may take anywhere _from 2-6 weeks to arriv 155643213937692



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