The GRAND TABLEAU is a french term that means  ‘Big Picture’ .  Its a unique system of divination that uses all 36 cards of lenormand deck.  I consider the Grand Tableau as the map of life that holds a richness of guidance and power.  As I open the cards, the tableau  will  reveal  your journey from where you came from, what landscape you are experiencing at this very moment and what is about to come, to that we will also be able to recognize or bring to the light hidden influences and patterns that may be blocking you from progression or accomplishment.

As the Grand Tableau unfolds, I will speak about your love life,  finances, career, health, spirituality, family, everything that concerns your life.  The purpose of this unique kind of reading is not only to enjoy predictions, and be amazed by my accuracy , no its providing  tools and knowledge  that you can use to create  incredible change and desired outcome for your highest good.

A grand tableau is a 30 mins one on one live reading via skype or facebook messenger. As soon as your payment is received, we will email you to make arrangement for the consultation.



Grand tableau reading – 65 Euro





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