Playing card reading

Cartomancy is the art of divining with an ordinary deck of playing cards and I’ve have been doing these since I was eleven. I remember friends and relatives gathered around the kitchen table to hear what the cards has to say for them.

I use the French/creole method of reading the piquet deck, a game of 32 cards from 7-10 plus the 3 court cards and I use various spreads depending on the question or issue of my client.  The playing card are amazingly precise as their meaning and interpretation are based on one’s daily life situation and after the read you will be blown away!

Playing card reading – 25 Euro


The reading is delivered as a private youtube video, where everything is filmed, and you will receive the link through email to access your reading.  Due to the increasing number of request, the current waiting time for you to get the reading is 15 days from the date of purchase. 


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