Tarot Reading

I first saw Tarot cards in a James Bond movie; “Live and Let die”, where Solitaire a psychic in the employ of Dr. Kananga describes the journey of Bond as he travels to New York by plane through the use of Tarot cards. This movie had a real impact on me and I made me interested in Tarot.  I started to work and study various decks from the Marseille to the Rider Waite.

I  read professionally for a great number of years now and I am able to help you in your quest for answers and self discovery.  I have my own Tarot deck design with the help of my guides and angels that will bring much clarity and healing to your reading.  The reading is delivered as a private youtube video, where everything is filmed, and you will receive the link through email to access your reading.  Due to the increasing number of request, the current waiting time for you to get the reading is 15 days from the date of purchase. 


The Celtic cross is an ancient card spread that I use a lot with my clients when they approach the Tarot for guidance and answers.  The cards will give powerful insight and the tools you need to overcome the situation you are inquiring about.


UntitledAre you in a time where you are facing a lot of doubts, where you need to decide and choose, where 2 job opportunities are offered to you or feeling uncertain if its better to date John or Paul.  My decision Tarot  reading can help you will this, my Tarot cards will give clear informations and details, together we will analyze the impact of your choice and the best choice for your highest and best goodRenderedImage-3






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