Your Annual Lenormand Reading

Let me read the Lenormand oracle and see what 2019 has in store for you!

As a new year approaches, most people feel the need to consult so they can get the most of their year. The annual Lenormand reading can reveal the important events which will punctuate your year. If you are a subscriber to my youtube channel:, you have sees me do the annual reading for all of the 12 zodiac signs. I offer the same here, but the difference is that yours will be a personal one, tailor-made and it will provide detailed predictions about the events that will influence you during 2019.

The spread I use is known as the Clock spread. Like in a clock, I will place I pile of 3 cards on each digit of the clock, thus spreading the complete game, each position representing (in chronological order) the twelve months of the year. The first position will therefore give information on your month of January 2019, the second on February, and so on until the twelfth which will provide forecasts for your month of December. People who are familiar with card reading will notice that the technique is similar to that of the zodiac wheel, except that the houses are replaced by the months of the year 2019.

To make the spread even more personal and precise, please send your real name and date of birth directly after your purchase to my email address

Due to its popularity, the waiting for you to get your reading is 15 days after the day of purchase and all the information about name and DOB received . I do my best to work quickly. The reading comes in the form of a youtube private video, where everything is filmed, and you will receive the link by e-mail to access your reading.

– 80€ –



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