Welcome in the world of Oracles

My name is Alexandre Musruck known as the “Lenormand Extraordinaire”, I am a diviner, expert in the art of reading the Lenormand oracle. I believe that we are all capable of reading the Oracle and if you are willing to learn my work (and this site) will help you in becoming a great reader.

Imagine how better your life could be if you were able to access all the answers you need, analyze a situation from all possible layers and angles, find what you are seeking by knowing what direction to take, that’s what the card can do for you! I’m here to help you decode the language of the oracle, bring more intuition and insights, inspiration and flow into your daily life, and ultimately create a life that you would adore.

My books, oracle deck (angel, Lenormand, gypsy,Tarot, dice…) and  my YouTube videos are designed to help you become your own psychic, channel your inner seer and connect with your higher self.  In case you’re seeking professional Oracle Readings, I do offer these too! In a reading with me, the Oracle comes alive and ‘talk’ to me and they paint a very personal story so I can help you find your answers to move you forward. I’ve designed various reading options that would fit both your inquiries and budget, see more details in the “Reading and Consultation” section.

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