This is my first lenormand creation and a best-selling deck!

I’ve been working with lenormand since my 13th birthday, the deck came to me in a strange way (you can read more about it in my book: The Art of Lenormand Reading, decoding the powerful messages conveyed by the Lenormand oracle). I created the deck through digital collage, putting all the elements that a card symbolises, for instance: My ship card has an airplane and suitcases on it, showing travel and mode of transportation. My fish card has a purse full of coins showing money and prosperity. I’ve combine my love of vintage victorian images with lenormand, giving birth to this amazing deck.

Its a beautiful charming deck (Bilingual French – English, yes I am french) to add to your work or collection.

musruck oracle tableau

Standard poker-size of 2.5” x 3.5” (63.5mm x 89mm)(36pcs) / with PDF meaning sheets / Packaging:  Box.

Matching Pouch are available. Size available are in Mini and Poker




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