The Sovereign Kipper Cards

The Sovereign Kipper Cards has been inspired by some of the most talented court portraiture.  These amazing artists had the ability of showing the inner essence of the subject, the same way an oracle would do.  I’ve choose portrays that reflect the core meaning of each card, thus assuring the accuracy of the deck.  The gilded border add elegance and grace to this already beautiful deck.  In your hand, they are now your trustworthy best friends and they will tell amazing stories, will unveil secrets and provide clear answers for yourself, loved ones and client. They’re very easy to shuffle and good for everyday use. The deck is packaged in a custom Tin box design and comes with a Black Little Book (BLB).  This deck was made for Alexandre’s Art of Kipper Reading in Person work in the amount of 300, make sure to order yours today as there not a lot left!

Poker size cards with gilded borders of 2.5” x 3.5” (63.5mm x 89mm)(36pcs) / with  BLB (Black little book)  / Packaging: Tin Box .


55 Euros + 9 Euros Shipping




75 Euros + 9 Euros Shipping


Cool Text International orders may take anywhere _from 2-6 weeks to arriv 155643213937692



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