Vintage Gypsy Fortune Cards (Learning Deck)

The Vintage Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards is a 36-oracle card deck based upon the ancient Gypsy divination system and is a Lenormand variant that appeared around the 1940’s. The rules for this game of fortune is that all cards may be read but those touching the card representing the seeker (for woman’s fortune is being told, is represented by the Queen card no. 14 and the King card no. 15 is the man in whom she is most interested. When a man’s fortune is being told, he is represented by the King card no. 15 and the Queen card no. 14 is the woman in whom he is interested) are paid extra attention as they would talk about the present, validate the present and predict the future or outcome of events. A fun game to have in your divination arsenal! Card size: 58.9 mm x 90.9mm (2.32″x3.58″)(36pcs) / with PDF Guidebook comes in a tuck box




Here’s a flip through the wholes deck:

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