Reading and Consultation

 Readings are available through Video recording or live through Skype sessions.

During my Reading
and Consultation, I combine my various oracles overlaid with my  Divine Guidance to help solve both your day-to-day issues and deeper, spiritual concerns. The specific detailed guidance I provided during my session is intended to help open your mind and heart to the several options and new perspective that you can use to make informed decisions.

Below you will find my policy for our engagement. Please read prior to booking your session. If you have questions about this information contact me by mail at

  • A consultation is NOT a substitute for medical, psychological, or financial advice, seek out a doctor or an appropriate professional.
  • Legally a reading is for “Entertainment Purposes Only”. I am not responsible for what you do with the information or how you act upon it.
  • You are responsible for payment of a reading and all payments must be paid PRIOR to the session.
  • Due to the increasing number of requests for reading, the current waiting time for you to get your video reading is from 15 working days.
  • For live readings, I appreciate punctuality, you are responsible for the time allotted. If you are late to a session then we will have to shorten your time to accommodate the next client’s session (and you are still responsible for the full payment of the time scheduled).




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