Angel Cartomancy Deck


Through my 20 years of experience working with cards, I have used many different types of decks, from the tarot to angel oracle cards, made popular by Doreen Virtue.  However, the very first deck that I ever used for divination was a regular playing card deck. To me it was so full of mysteries, symbols and ancient messages, that it still holds an important place in my life. Many people believe that the playing card was created before the tarot itself.  Throughout french history, famous psychics and sibyls have used playing cards to accurately predict the future. One of the most famous readers was Melle Lenormand who had left her specially designed deck as a

20140511_111847legacy to her followers. Many readers to this day still rely on her knowledge and teachings. Those who are familiar with my work knows that I closely work with the angelic realm ever since Archangel Raphael saved my life during a tragic car accident.  Since then, I’ve been blending the angel’s teaching with my knowledge of french cartomancy in my work as a psychic medium. This blending is how the Angel Cartomancy Card Deck was born, as the deck mixes both historical and divine wisdom. The illustrated deck is Big sized and contains 52 cards+ 2 jokers. , The deck demystifies the cartomancy technique and adds angelic wisdom to it.  It was designed for every level of reader and developed so that anyone using it can get  in touch with their spirit guides and angels.

The Angel Cartomancy card is a incredible mix of cartomancy and angel messages.  These fabulous cards will help you get clear answers and specific guidance to any of your questions and concerns.

Large size of 3.5” x 5.75” ( 89mm x 146mm)(54pcs), comes in a tuck box or a padded pouch. No need for a meaning sheet as everything is written on the cards, let your angel guide you.


Cards in Tuck box – 30 Euros +9 Euros Shipping

Cards in Padded pouch – 44 Euros +9 Euros Shipping

Padded pouch ONLY– 20 Euros +9 Euros ShippingCapture d_écran 2017-09-26 à 18.48.07

cooltext223353741669896Cool Text International orders may take anywhere _from 2-6 weeks to arriv 155643213937692





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