Psychic Vision Oracle Cards

I created these cards to help people interpret and understand the feelings and visions that they received when giving a psychic reading.  Anyone can conduct a reading as we are born natural psychics, and intuition is a God-given ability that we can safely use to help and heal others.

These 70 cards will assist you in all types of reading, they work upon the law of attraction, meaning that when you ask a question, the perfect card that holds the answer will be pulled, you can’t make it wrong.

Ever since I first began giving readings to clients, I had always included a card reading in all of my sessions. Providing direction and guidance in each and every reading, I am now sought out by hundreds of people around the world to specifically give these types of readings and so can you.


Standard poker-size of 2.5” x 3.5” (63.5mm x 89mm)(70pcs)  / Packaging: Shrinkwrap.




Cool Text International orders may take anywhere _from 2-6 weeks to arriv 155643213937692


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