Guardian Angel Oracle Cards

40 powerful oracle cards that will assist you in intimately connecting with your Guardian Angels.

These cards are meant to become your personal connection to the Angelic realm. You use them when you don’t know what to do next in your life. The Angels will speak to you directly to provide  insights  through the cards. Like many system of divination, these cards can be used to make predictions, but the most powerful purpose of using the cards is to empower you to make choices and to know their consequences and living a happy and harmonious life.

We all have with us guardian angels station by our side, with no exceptions. The mission of your guardian angels is to make certain you are safe and guided always. They can help you with everything, from meeting your soulmate, finding the ideal job, attract abundance and more.
I’ve channel this deck of Angel cards with the help of my Guardian Angels, these cards are meant to become your personal connection to the Angelic realm. The Angels will always provide accurate and uplifting answers and the prayer at the bottom of each card can be use to attract a positive outcome.

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Packaging for this deck: tuck box and tin box

 Card size: 3.5″x5″ (89mm×127mm) Box size: 5.5”x1.2”x3.9” (140mm x 31mm x 99mm) Number of cards: 40

Guardian angel oracle card in a plain tuck box: 43,50€ (SHIPPING INCLUDED)

Guardian angel oracle card in a tin box: 54,50€ (SHIPPING INCLUDED)



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