Le jeu de 32, the art of reading the french playing cards

Had you ever wanted to learn how to read the playing cards? With this deck, Alexandre gives you all the keys to reading the French playing cards, all meaning and system are from the French tradition of reading the Piquet deck. The combination and meeting of cards ‘triplets, quartets, and pairs’ are also written on each card, making your apprenticeship simple and effective

32 cards + A title card + A seeker’s card and the famous “card bleu” (bleu card) present in many traditional French oracle deck.
No need for a guidebook as everything is written on the cards, just pull the cards and read them!

The deck comes safely nestle in a tin box and a french version of the deck is available on my french website: www.alexandremusruck.com

CARD SIZE: 2.32″x3.58″ (58.9×90.9mm)

40 Euro+ 9 Euro Shipping

Cool Text International orders may take anywhere _from 2-6 weeks to arriv 155643213937692cooltext223353741669896

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