What do people say (testimonials)

Five Star Review
I received two outstandingly beautiful decks from Alexandre, a Louis’s Vintage Petit Lenormand gold-gilted edged deck and a Vintage Kipper deck. Both are of substantial weight to shuffle and feel balanced in hand. Apart from the beauty of these decks, I was even more impressed with the immediate customer service that I received when I thought there was an order mix-up. Louis jumped right in to correct the situation only to find it was “user error” and my received order was absolutely perfect. I appreciate his card artistry and his dedication to total customer service. Thank you Alexandre. Nancy

Alexandre Musruck is a very consummate professional reader so try and experience a reading whilst you still can, that is my suggestion. Alexandre is going places in my personal opinion,and may not always be quite so available for readings. Furthermore, let it be noted, that Alexandre has created a fabulous range of divination products; some of which I believe will be sort after collectors items in the future and well worth the investment. In addition be safe in the knowledge that products created by Alexsandre a practising practitioner are fit for purpose, make great working tools for tarot and divination professionals, this is not always the case with those creating divination items, who are not in the business. As a result,I have made some purchasing mistakes in the past-We live and learn, so be warned! Golden griffin from UK

The Classic Lenormand are beautiful cards. I have learned so much about Lenormand on Alexandre’s teaching videos on Youtube and on his Facebook pages. His cards are beautifully crafted, easy to hold and shuffle, and most importantly, easy to read. The background on each card to not interfere with the symbol. The suits are clearing printed on each card. This is the second deck that I own from Alexandre’s collection. I am very happy with my purchase. Carole USA

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Alexandre, thank-you so much for the beautiful Celtic Cross reading you gave me. I was impressed with not only the accuracy of it but also in how healing the session was for me. I’m now at peace with issues I’ve been wrestling with so some time and joyful in the knowledge that my angel are helping me every step of the way. I’m so impressed with your work that I will be booking an angel reading with you shortly. Angel blessing, Wendy H from Canada.

Alexandre is a very gentle, kind and extremely accurate angel reader and healer. Following a healing session with him, I felt my worries lifted off and I was overcome by a very peaceful, graceful feeling. Alex’s readings get to the point of the matter, shedding light on the multiple issues surrounding a challenge and offering light and a possible path to a way out. Thank you, Alex, for your healing work and your prompt responses during my times of trial. I recommend your services very highly. Blessings, love and light. Maria V.

I discovered Alexandre by chance on YouTube but as we all know, it was no coincidence 😉 From the start, I felt a real connection to Alex’s readings. His generosity of time and spirit are truly gifts from the heart. Thank you Alex for the readings you have done for me and the time and energy you put into your videos and messages. Namaste ~Elisabeth, Nevada, USA

I have asked Alex to do a candle ceremony for me and my husband. We needed help opening our hearts to the love we once had. During the full 3 days of the ceremony, I felt such peace. I could feel the healing. It warmed my heart knowing the candles were burning for 3 days. And Alex also made us a crystal grid. I can tell you that I felt the love of the angels helping me and my husband. I slept very well. My husband and I have felt the healing and are communicating better and feel much at ease. Alex also suggested which crystal would help us. I bought us both rose quartz and when it arrives, I will put out under the full moon as Alex suggested to do. We will do this each month and re-charge our crystals. I would recommend anyone to buy the wonderful services of Alex. Believe me, you will feel the love and healing. Vicky Crew Fuller

Alexandre is a really good Medium . He passed messages from my mum who is an angel now. He is very kind .. and have a talent to heal people as well.. so i think everyone who like to get a good and trustworthy service via crystal therapy should have a go .. Love and Light. Suzanne. Alex is a gifted angel/tarot reader and healer. I met Alex on YouTube. He has done several readings for me and all of them were accurate. I also had Alex do healing for my 4 year old son Jonathan which helped him overcome fears he was going through. What a wonderful positive change in our son! My family and I are very grateful for the healing he did on our son. Alex is personable, kind, and empathetic. Thank you Alex for sharing your gifts with me and others. Angel (Northern, CA)

I am so grateful to the angels for allowing me to connect to you for doing this reading. I can not tell you how happy and reassured I feel after the reading and I would happily recommend you to my other friends who needs your guidance. SU (India)

I highly recommend any reading with Alexandre he is loving as he is accurate and really explains things as they are. All my experience with Alex has been wonderful so gift yourself a reading and take your life forward. You are a superb channel of the light Alexandre may the angels bless you as you bless others . Victoria (Singapore)

Dear Friends I have had four readings from Alex and I can tell you he is a real gifted and loving channel of the light. He makes things really simple and also his advice really works with amazing miraculous results. Alex thank you for always doing the extra and extending yourself with the love and compassion you do I am grateful to you for everything you are a true angel . God bless you always . Tina (India)

I have owned and have read numerous types of cards and these are so different in a wonderful refreshing way. First of all, this is my second deck of your angel cards, and I appreciate that you include a special prayer, in each deck, to bless the cards. These cards are beautiful in everyway. The pictures and the meanings. They will go along way in helping people find answers. I like that you have 50 cards, all with gentle and uplifting answers/meanings. I already know these are one of my favorite angel oracle cards. I also, like that you have the name of the cards, your name, and the year you came out with these cards on each and every card. I give these cards a 5++. Mary E. (USA)

I’m amazed at the intensity of feeling I get from these cards. I’ve never been drawn to any of the many angel-based decks that are available these days, but when I saw these I knew I had to have them. The hair on the back of my neck is standing up and I find this quite astonishing. Sure, I always get excited about a new deck of cards 🙂 but this is different. I bought the poker-size deck as I have little hands. I was concerned that the images might seem too small compared to the larger cards but they’re just fine. I’m looking forward to connecting with my angels (and that’s not something you would have heard me say before). Judy kerr (UK)

Hi Alex, I just want to say, thank you this reading was for me. The name which was chosen ‘Paul’ sent cold bumps down my back amazing on the accuracy of my untrusting nature made me realize that I am loved by millions in heaven. I guess its time to start my life again and give someone a chance to make me happy and for me to make him happy. God has really sent me a pious man. Thank you for the special word, thank for listening more than I was. Rose.

Alexandre your cards are as high quality as Doreen Virtues. I’m a fan of Doreen Virtue but I’m also a fan of you and your cards. G.S


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