Lady in the Waiting Precious Lenormand


A lady in waiting is a female personal assistant at the court attending on the queen. Historically, in Europe, a lady in waiting was often a noblewoman and was considered more of a companion to her mistress than a servant.

These Ladies in waiting as you can tell were very close to the queen and knew all about her, lets travel in time and let us imagine one of these Ladies who was a talented fortune teller and she has in her possession a deck of Lenormand that she use to counsel, the other Ladies in the waiting on their choice for a good husband, we can hear her say to Madame de Pompadou:

“The Lady in the deck represents you and the Gentleman represents Charles Guillaume your lover, if the bouquet is near the ring you can expect him to propose you and enjoy a happy marriage, but if the ring lays at his left and the lilies fall in the bottom, you should refuse his demand as he is disloyal and your union will be sorrowful.”

Even her majesty the queen herself would ask for advice on her deals and strategies.  Now this deck can be yours, a beautiful ancient looking deck that holds true to the French tradition of the Lenormand system. The very sumptuous images, are clean and uncluttered, leaving the subject of the card as the main focus. The cards also clearly show the card number and  playing card inserts.


Standard poker-size of 2.5” x 3.5” (63.5mm x 89mm)(36pcs) / with PDF Guidebook / Packaging: Box .




Cool Text International orders may take anywhere _from 2-6 weeks to arriv 155643213937692


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