Gypsy Fortune Telling Decks

One of the most popular method of cartomancy used during the early 1900’s  were referred to as the Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards.  Fortune-telling is the practice of predicting one’s future and in this case, by using a deck of cards.   Fortune telling was and still is associated with Romani people.

Here, you will find a recreation of the old and vintage Gypsy fortune telling cards that will help you open up your intuition and give accurate readings to yourself, your family and friends as well as to your clients.  Alexandre, the Lenormand Extraordinaire who had work with cards for the past 20 years, demystifies this old system and make is accessible to everyone who is willing to learn the art of card reading.  If you are familiar to reading the Kipper or the Legendary Lenormand, you will easily get into Gypsy cards.



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