Wisdom from the Psalms Cards

The Book of Psalms is a collection of 150 Hebrew poems believed to be written by King David himself.  The  most famous one is Psalm 23, which starts “The Lord is my shepherd”. Psalm 23 is often used for funerals.

Since my childhood, I’ve seen people around me reciting Psalms as  powerful invocation for many purpose.  “Pray the Psalms 91 against nightmare!”, my grandmother would say. I, myself use the sacred Psalms in my spiritual practice for instance when I perform candle ceremonies and when I pray over my divination tools to clear and bless before a reading.  I’ve experience a lot of good with the Psalms and this is why I created these cards to inspire you to work with them.

There are different ways that you can use these wonderful cards; first one of course is to give readings.  Bibliomancy is an ancient divination system that uses the bible, Psalms 23 is recited and the question is spoke, the reader would open the bible at random and point a verse and the answer would be found in these lines.  The  Wisdom of the Psalms, use the same system.


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