Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is an angel reading?

An angel reading is very similar to a psychic one, the difference is that in an angel reading, we are talking and receiving messages and guidance from the Angels whereas in a psychic one spirit guides are more involved.  In an angel reading, we do not receive only the predictions, we also receive the healing modalities that can help each of us enjoy a fabulous life.

2. For how many years does Alexandre work with clients?

Alexandre had started reading people psychically since his 13 years old.  He had build his practice from the word of mouth.  10 years later, Alexandre was involved in a tragic car accident where an Archangel appeared before him and saved his life.  From there, Alexandre  started to work with the Archangeldom.   Internationally known, he has clients from more than 20 countries throughout the world and had read thousands of people

3. How do I receive a reading and how long does it take?

To receive a reading, choose the type of reading from the Reading and Consultation page.  Once payment is received via PayPal and request confirmed via email, your reading will be done and email to  you via a private link to view it within 3-10 business days. You can also book a One on One session with Alexandre through Skype from Monday through Friday from 11a.m to 6 p.m Indian Ocean time zone. Alexandre uses Cards (Lenormand, Playing cards, Kipper cards, Angel oracles, Tarot) as well as other of his divination technique to help his clients .  You can book for a 30 or 60 minutes consultation.
Once your payment is received, we contact you within the  hour to organise a time.

4. Are their any refunds and the form of payment do we accept?

No refund and Paypal only as payment method. Paypal takes all major credit cards.

5. What can I expect from a reading? 

During a reading session, you will receive detailed, specific and clear answers to your question.  Alexandre does not practice “Sugar Coted Readings”, we speak the truth and tell everything that is seen.  Alexandre’s  reading are honest, heartfelt and empowering, please read our testimonials in the “What people say section”.  Angel reading has nothing to do with any religion as angels are non-denominational and they have only our best interest at heart.

6. Do you do healing session?

Yes, we offer these services, please see the MAGICAL CANDLE & OIL LAMP – SETTING OF LIGHTS section

7. Purchasing on the Online Shop and Shipping?

Alexandre had created various Oracle decks,and divination tool.  Anyone can buy a deck or any product in the store.  We ship worldwide.

8. Can anyone use the deck that Alexandre had created and developed?

We are all intuitive beings and each and everyone uses their intuition in various ways.  As Oracle cards works on intuition, anyone can connect  and use them.  Here a video that guide you through the process of Oracle reading:

9. What is a Lenormand deck?

The Lenormand Oracle is a deck of 36 cards usually of bridge size.  The  deck is numbered 1 to 36, and each card  has a central symbol that could be an animal, an object, a celestial body etc…  A regular playing card from the Piquet Game is associated to each card (6 to 10 plus the King, Queen, Jack and Aces).  The reader cast the cards in a “Grand Tableau” and the Card 28: The Man for a male consulting  or Card 29: The Woman in the case of a  female is payed extra attention, as all the cards revolving around it will have a significant impact on the querent’s psychic reading, good or bad depending on the nature of the cards.

10. How much time had Alexandre worked with the Lenormand

Alexandre discovered the Petit Lenormand when he was only 13 years old.  When his uncle George went to Belgium for his business, Alexandre asked his uncle if he could bring a deck of Tarot cards.  Month later he came back, with a strange little deck named after a famous Parisian Psychic Mlle Lenormand, and for the last 23 years, since, the deck had never left Alexandre.

11. We’ve heard that Alexandre had signed a publishing contract with Schiffer Publishing  but for what?

Alexandre had recently signed a publishing contract with Schiffer Publishing  U.S.A.  for a Lenormand book and deck.  As things unfolds, Alexandre will keep everyone posted, you can also subscribe to “The Lenormand Extraordinaire Newsletter”, he will surely talk about it in his monthly newsletter.

12. Where does Alexandre live?

Alexandre live on an exotic paradisiac island named “Réunion”, its a French department in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar. Réunion is known for its volcanic, rainforested interior, coral reefs and beaches.

13. How many language does Alexandre speaks?

4 in total: French, English, Réunionnaise creole and Mauritian creole.




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