Please make sure that your address details in your Etsy / Paypal account is correct as this is the address that I will use to ship your order. Keep in mind that this is an international shipping and if your address is incorrect, I will not take any responsibility in delays and item lost. No blame or refund will be accepted, its your responsibility to provide the correct complete accurate address.

To help you, here is how your address infos should appear:
– Name. Example: Mr A Smith. NOT asmith
– Full Address: 1 Chapel Hill NOT (number) 1 (then new line, which i see very often) chapel hill
– City
– Province or State all in capital letters
– Zip Code if
– Country

See your shipping address as a card reading, where CLARITY AND ACCURACY are key
Blessings and Thanks
Alexandre Musruck, the Lenormand Extraordinaire

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