Pellucid Oracle

The Pellucid Oracle is a unique oracle of 52 cards that combines the Lenormand symbol with other oracular symbols.  You can either choose to work with the traditional petit Lenormand or use the whole deck for a reading in three dimension. This Oracle is very powerful as it will yield practical advice and its limpid, crystal clear images will show you amazing stories to narrate to your querent.

Of course, marrying the cards with your intuition and your gut feelings will bring out even more profound and precise guidance for yourself, your family, friends and clients.

Have fun with your cards!

Card deck mini-size 1.75” x 2.5” (44.45mm x 63.5mm) / (52pcs) / PDF Meaning Sheet / Packaging: Shrink wrap / Tuck box . 

25 EURO + 9 EURO


MICRO PELLUCID LENORMAND, is a ultra mini deck of 36 cards that are great for doing Grand Tableau as it take little space.  Its cuteness will charm you!

Card deck micro-size: 1.25″X1.75″ (31.8×44.5mm) / (36pcs) / PDF Meaning Sheet / Packaging: Shrink wrap / Tuck box .

22 EURO + 9 EURO



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